Optimized purchasing of capital goods requires a deep understanding of the whole value chain since only 10% to 30% of the value creation take place at the direct supplier. If e.g. the cost pressure originating in incentive regulations shall penetrate the whole chain of suppliers fast and efficiently, a good understanding of cost structures and processes of the underlying industries is a prerequisite. 

enXion has been tackling this topic by primarily addressing grid and infrastructure companies on one side and special machinery companies and their suppliers on the other.

We hold more than 12 years of experience in construction, purchasing and production of capital goods especially for utilities and their grids. Our references prove the EBIT effectiveness of our projects. Do not hesitate to ask us for personal references.

Consulting at Grid- and Infrastructural companies and Utilities

Continuously refining and broadening our methods we are able to cover most topics related to

  • efficiency increase needed for incentive regulations (Design to Cost for purchasing of capital goods, reveal life cycle cost potentials)
  • optimization of business processes (offer- and order processing, generation of new customers)
  • "Strommarkt 2.0" (e.g. predictive analytics for supply and demand, new pricing models)
Consulting at Special Engineering companies

Design to Order business is different from serial production in many ways. Common known concepts (e.g. such as Kanban) therefore fail if applied without further thinking. We have developed special optimization methods which in return may also be applied to specific problems in more series production environments. Our methods adress all EBIT-levers across the whole chain of value creation.

Typical projects range from Market Development Strategies over Product Cost Optimizations and Efficiency Improvement Projects on the shopfloor to Strategy Development Programs.

Our clients range from Private Equity invested in Special Engineering companies to midsize owner managed companies.

Our methods have been successfully applied to Electrical Special Engineering for industrial customers and utilities, Aerospace- and Shipyard companies as well as railway and agricultural machineries in the past.

Some of these methods have been later on applied to special topics of small to large scale series production such as aircraft and pharmaceutical production.